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Why "God's not dead" is much more important than "Noah"

Gods Not Dead

There's no question that this week's new Hollywood blockbuster, "Noah" (starring Russell Crowe) will triumph at the box office; however, in the grand scheme of things- the indie movie- "God's Not Dead" produced by PureFlix- will certainly have a more profound impact on your life than the mega CGI creation.

We all know the story of "Noah". The guy that builds an ark and gets two species of every kind on his boat... 

I hate to break it to you - but he doesn't sink in this multimillion dollar version - there are no elaborate plot twists- the bad guys drown and Noah (God really) saves the world...In fact, you've heard this story a million times (and probably) will find the Bible's version of events more enthralling... but I'm digressing...

So why is "God's Not Dead" featuring actors that we have, somewhat, heard of before, more important than Russell Crowe in a boat?

Simply put - The message. 

We already know the story of Noah... Does it really impact our lives or indeed develop our relationship with God by seeing it digitally projected on a big screen with surround sound speakers?  I think not, there's no new information here. However; if someone were to directly challenge your faith tomorrow- could you defend it?

Would you be the one (of many) that simply writes "God is dead" on a piece of paper- to blend with the crowd  OR would you be the one (of few) that could actually defend YOUR faith? Who are YOU? 

Already these questions and self examination is far more enlightening than the man in the boat and you haven't even seen the movie yet!!  Are you prepared to defend your faith - would you know where to start? 

If nothing else, this movie, (particularly to a Christian) should be a major WAKE UP CALL- Are YOU ready to take a stand - in front of the world (and God) to defend your faith and stand up for what you believe in?

No- then go see "Noah"... Tell me how it ends...