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The Music of Christmas Media Tour of Belfast!

Eamonn was back in his homeland (albeit for 12 hours!!) to talk with the Northern Irish press about The Music of Christmas.  

He started the day with the wonderful Kim Lenaghan at BBC Radio Ulster.  You can listen to Eamonn and Kim on BBC Radio Ulster's "A New Day" click here

Next up was a chat with the man who first introduced Eamonn to the masses, George Jones, at Downtown Radio.  Listen to Eamonn and George here:

Eamonn and Kim

After his trip down memory lane with George, he met with U105 presenter Johnny Hero who pointed out Eamonn's time in the US had started to influence his vocabulary...

Eamonn finished the day with BFBS presenter George Ellis who was excited to catch up on the past 18 months since last meeting...