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Multiple Emmy® Award-winning Irish pop tenor Eamonn McCrystal is set to release his tenth studio album, ‘And So It Goes,’ on November 4. Drawing from a voluminous mix of musical styles and influences (Barbara Streisand, Beatles, Beach Boys, Eva Cassidy) this album is a turning point in McCrystal’s catalog and easily his most ambitious and powerful work to date. For this project, he enlisted the vocal help of multi-talented songbirds Rita Wilson, Chloë Agnew (formerly of Celtic Woman) and a stellar backing band including Nick Buda (Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift), Jeff Taylor (Time Jumpers), Larry Paxton (Grand Ole Opry, Vince Gill) and John Deadrick (Allison Krauss, Shawn Colvin). The result is an explosion of talent - insinuating melodies and impeccable arrangements seamlessly integrated with McCrystal’s effortless charisma and sublime interpretive gifts.

Recorded in Nashville, ‘And So It Goes’ was co-produced by McCrystal and Grammy-Award winning studio veteran Casey Wood (Charlie Daniels). Thematically, this project tells the perfect story of a relationship, covering a good deal of musical and emotional ground.  Album opener “Stand A Little Rain” encompasses romantic country-pop while his cover of Adele’s “When We Were Young” displays intimate soul.  There’s philosophical insight throughout the Billy Joel-penned title track as well as personalized readings of such contemporary standards as Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now," Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight" (performed here as a duet with Agnew), Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" and Randy Newman's "Feels Like Home."

The album's single and focal point is the poignant “Pray For Peace” (for release October 14th) which features top-notch vocals from Rita Wilson and Chloë Agnew.  Co-written by Linda Thompson (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Backstreet Boys) and multiple GMA Dove Award winner Bernie Herms, the stirring track is a timely call to action on an emotional and spiritual level. "From the first piano chord and the opening lyric of the verse, I instantly knew this was a special piece of music!  That is a sensation that almost never happens," explains McCrystal. "We are at a point in time where this song and its' sentiment needs to be heard more than ever!"

McCrystal asserts that ‘And So It Goes’ is an album that he's wanted to make for a long time. "For years," he explains, "people have approached me and suggested that I should sing a particular song.  Over time I kept a list of all that material and even incorporated some of that music into my live shows.   For this album we decided to put them all together, add a couple of new ones and the album was born!  They are all songs that I love and enjoy singing so it's very exciting that I've finally got them all together in this one project."

Looking ahead, McCrystal and Agnew will embark on a 15-city tour starting December 3 in Los Angeles, CA at the Grammy Museum at LA Live and will crisscross the United States including stops in Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, Nashville and New York City.  The internationally renowned powerhouses will perform classic hits from Ireland, Christmas favorites and new, unreleased music for their fans. Following his December tour, McCrystal will finish out the year filming his first starring/lead role for the feature-length Christmas movie, Santa Fake.

2015 was a phenomenal year for McCrystal as he impressively won four Emmy® Awards for the highly touted PBS Special ‘The Music Of Northern Ireland with Eamonn McCrystal.’  The PBS Christmas special "Eamonn McCrystal: The Music of Christmas" airs on PBS beginning in November and playing throughout the 2016 holiday season.

In film, Eamonn McCrystal has appeared alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Wilson and Ashley Judd in the Adriana Trigiani film “Big Stone Gap” and most recently seen in “God’s Not Dead 2” alongside Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe and Ray Wise as an attorney for the ACLU.

McCrystal has collaborated with an array of artists such as David Foster, Kristin Chenoweth, Nigel Wright (Andrew Lloyd Webber), Randy Travis, Dianne Warren, Guy Roche and Walter Afanasieff. 



Eamonn McCrystal's THE MUSIC OF NORTHERN IRELAND has won for 4 EMMY® awards including Best Arts/Entertainment Special! 

I could not believe that our program was nominated for 4 Emmys® but to WIN 4... I’m speechless!! The Music of Northern Ireland was a project very close to my heart and the result of a lot of hard work from a very dedicated team of over 100 people! I want to dedicate this award to all the great songwriters and artists who paved the way for my career and all our teachers who inspired us in the first place!
— Eamonn McCrystal

The Michigan chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences held the 37th Annual Emmy® Awards on June 13th 2015 in Detroit, MI.  

The TV special "The Music of Northern Ireland with Eamonn McCrystal" won 4 awards in the following categories:

- Overall Arts/Entertainment (Producers: Elizabeth Travis/Eamonn McCrystal)
- Director-Live or Recorded Live (John FD Northover)
- Musical Arrangements (Nigel Wright)
- On-Camera Talent/Performer (Eamonn McCrystal)


BELFAST, Northern Ireland—Acclaimed Irish tenor Eamonn McCrystal recently hosted “Celebrating Music From Northern Ireland,” an all-star tribute to songs originating from his homeland, at Belfast’s famed The Grand Opera House. In addition to performances by McCrystal, the taping featured special appearances by stage actress Rachel Tucker (Wicked, The Last Ship); celebrated vocalist Brian Kennedy (“You Raise Me Up”); and modern hymnwriters Keith & Kristyn Getty (“In Christ Alone”).

“’Celebrating Music From Northern Ireland’ at The Grand Opera House in Belfastwith a hometown audience was simply overwhelming,” McCrystal said. “The atmosphere was something very special indeed and felt throughout the entire evening by both the audience and the 126-member cast and crew working on the TV concert event. From the beautiful venue, the stunning orchestra and arrangements, to the duets with guest stars, for me the entire night was a highlight.”

PBS will air “Celebrating Music From Northern Ireland” beginning next March throughout the US and Canada. Detroit Public Television viewers will be able to preview the special this holiday season.

McCrystal’s "A Living Prayer" was released September 2 by Difference Media, distributed by Capital Christian Distribution. Created as an instrument of worship for personal times of praise and prayer, A Living Prayer was produced by McCrystal and Casey Wood (Charlie Daniels), and features spoken Scripture readings by world-renowned evangelist and best-selling author Pastor John Hagee. Highlights of A Living Prayer include “Nearer My God To Thee,” “How Great Thou Art,” “If You Listen,” and “How Can I Heal Your Broken Heart,” among other selections.

"A Living Prayer" to be released September 2nd

Eamonn McCrystal celebrates his Irish heritage and Christian faith with this compelling collection of reflective hymns and prayer. Produced by McCrystal and Casey Wood (Charlie Daniels, Bruce Brown), A Living Prayer boasts an inspired Celtic sound and includes spoken word reflections narrated by Pastor John Hagee.

Living Prayer
By Eamonn McCrystal

Featuring traditional hymns such as "Nearer My God To Thee" and "How Great Thou Art" along with contemporary favorites such as, "In Christ Alone" and "If You Listen," A Living Prayer is more than an album, it is an instrument of worship meant to edify one’s faith through praise and prayer.


Song listing includes

  • If You Listen
  • Reflection 1
  • A Living Prayer
  • How Can I Heal Your Broken Heart
  • Reflection 2
  • In Christ Alone
  • The Day God Called You Home
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Reflection 3
  • Be Not Afraid
  • Reflection 4
  • There is a Place
  • Nearer My God To Thee
  • Reflection 5
  • You Are Mine
  • Reflection 6
  • You Raise Me Up
  • Ephesians Prayer

Available to Pre-Order here

Eamonn McCrystal to Host ‘Celebrating the Music from Northern Ireland’ at Grand Opera House in Belfast on Sept. 6

Grand Opera House
The "made for TV" concert, filmed by BBC Northern Ireland, will feature internationally renowned and world famous musical talent from Northern Ireland, including artists such as  Brian Kennedy, Rachel Tucker, Keith & Kristyn Getty and more. Tickets on sale now at www.goh.co.uk

Eamonn McCrystal, an Irish pop tenor and TV/radio host based in Los Angeles, Calif., is pleased to announce he will host and co-produce “Celebrating the Music from Northern Ireland” on Sept. 6th, 2014 at the historic and opulent Grand Opera House in Belfast. This "made for TV" concert will focus on hit songs written in Northern Ireland and will be recorded by BBC Northern Ireland for future broadcast on US public television. Tickets are on sale at http://www.goh.co.uk.

The concert will not only celebrate music from Northern Ireland but will also showcase the region’s beautiful landscapes, from the unique Giant's Causeway (a UNESCO World Heritage site) to the famous castles and magnificent cliffs on the Antrim Coast.

“I am thrilled to host such a special event,” McCrystal says. “I believe this show will be an eclectic mixture of music and lyrics woven together into a rich tapestry of unique Irish culture, proving that Northern Ireland is a nation that is proud of its past and welcoming of its future.”

The concert event, directed for the stage by Tony Finnegan, will feature an array of internationally renowned and world famous musical talent including artists such as Brian Kennedy, Rachel Tucker, Keith & Kristyn Getty and many more from the world of theatre, film and music. Celebrated songwriters on the show will include Van Morrison (Moondance, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You) and Jimmy Kennedy (My Prayer, Red Sails in The Sunset, South of the Border), with the repertoire showcasing contemporary chart toppers as well as haunting, traditional pieces like Carrickfergus and Danny Boy.

In addition to a star-studded lineup, an impressive orchestra will accompany the performance led by Musical Director Nigel Wright (producer for Andrew Lloyd Webber and music director of shows such as the X Factor).

“This concert event will surely be an unforgettable night featuring the best talent of Northern Ireland,” McCrystal says. “You won’t want to miss it.”

To purchase tickets for “Celebrating the Music from Northern Ireland” on Sept. 6th at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, visit http://www.goh.co.uk.

Why "God's not dead" is much more important than "Noah"

Gods Not Dead

There's no question that this week's new Hollywood blockbuster, "Noah" (starring Russell Crowe) will triumph at the box office; however, in the grand scheme of things- the indie movie- "God's Not Dead" produced by PureFlix- will certainly have a more profound impact on your life than the mega CGI creation.

We all know the story of "Noah". The guy that builds an ark and gets two species of every kind on his boat... 

I hate to break it to you - but he doesn't sink in this multimillion dollar version - there are no elaborate plot twists- the bad guys drown and Noah (God really) saves the world...In fact, you've heard this story a million times (and probably) will find the Bible's version of events more enthralling... but I'm digressing...

So why is "God's Not Dead" featuring actors that we have, somewhat, heard of before, more important than Russell Crowe in a boat?

Simply put - The message. 

We already know the story of Noah... Does it really impact our lives or indeed develop our relationship with God by seeing it digitally projected on a big screen with surround sound speakers?  I think not, there's no new information here. However; if someone were to directly challenge your faith tomorrow- could you defend it?

Would you be the one (of many) that simply writes "God is dead" on a piece of paper- to blend with the crowd  OR would you be the one (of few) that could actually defend YOUR faith? Who are YOU? 

Already these questions and self examination is far more enlightening than the man in the boat and you haven't even seen the movie yet!!  Are you prepared to defend your faith - would you know where to start? 

If nothing else, this movie, (particularly to a Christian) should be a major WAKE UP CALL- Are YOU ready to take a stand - in front of the world (and God) to defend your faith and stand up for what you believe in?

No- then go see "Noah"... Tell me how it ends...

The Music of Christmas Media Tour of Belfast!

Eamonn was back in his homeland (albeit for 12 hours!!) to talk with the Northern Irish press about The Music of Christmas.  

He started the day with the wonderful Kim Lenaghan at BBC Radio Ulster.  You can listen to Eamonn and Kim on BBC Radio Ulster's "A New Day" click here

Next up was a chat with the man who first introduced Eamonn to the masses, George Jones, at Downtown Radio.  Listen to Eamonn and George here:

Eamonn and Kim

After his trip down memory lane with George, he met with U105 presenter Johnny Hero who pointed out Eamonn's time in the US had started to influence his vocabulary...

Eamonn finished the day with BFBS presenter George Ellis who was excited to catch up on the past 18 months since last meeting...

Blue Christmas released as Single

Blue Christmas has been released this week to iTunes, and other digital music providers, as the single from "The Music of Christmas" album.   You can purchase and download the song right here in our store or head over to your favorite digital music store (iTunes, Amazon, Google).

Here's the music video for Blue Christmas -  

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