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Multiple Emmy® Award-winning Irish pop tenor Eamonn McCrystal is set to release his tenth studio album, ‘And So It Goes,’ on November 4. Drawing from a voluminous mix of musical styles and influences (Barbara Streisand, Beatles, Beach Boys, Eva Cassidy) this album is a turning point in McCrystal’s catalog and easily his most ambitious and powerful work to date. For this project, he enlisted the vocal help of multi-talented songbirds Rita Wilson, Chloë Agnew (formerly of Celtic Woman) and a stellar backing band including Nick Buda (Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift), Jeff Taylor (Time Jumpers), Larry Paxton (Grand Ole Opry, Vince Gill) and John Deadrick (Allison Krauss, Shawn Colvin). The result is an explosion of talent - insinuating melodies and impeccable arrangements seamlessly integrated with McCrystal’s effortless charisma and sublime interpretive gifts.

Recorded in Nashville, ‘And So It Goes’ was co-produced by McCrystal and Grammy-Award winning studio veteran Casey Wood (Charlie Daniels). Thematically, this project tells the perfect story of a relationship, covering a good deal of musical and emotional ground.  Album opener “Stand A Little Rain” encompasses romantic country-pop while his cover of Adele’s “When We Were Young” displays intimate soul.  There’s philosophical insight throughout the Billy Joel-penned title track as well as personalized readings of such contemporary standards as Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now," Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight" (performed here as a duet with Agnew), Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" and Randy Newman's "Feels Like Home."

The album's single and focal point is the poignant “Pray For Peace” (for release October 14th) which features top-notch vocals from Rita Wilson and Chloë Agnew.  Co-written by Linda Thompson (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Backstreet Boys) and multiple GMA Dove Award winner Bernie Herms, the stirring track is a timely call to action on an emotional and spiritual level. "From the first piano chord and the opening lyric of the verse, I instantly knew this was a special piece of music!  That is a sensation that almost never happens," explains McCrystal. "We are at a point in time where this song and its' sentiment needs to be heard more than ever!"     CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Eamonn on Children In Need

Eamonn was delighted to perform on this years BBC Children In Need broadcast from the Titanic Museum in Belfast.    Watch the best bits below- which include Eamonn's performance of "When We Were Young" a comedic skit featuring Eddie Redmayne, the duet "We've Got Tonight" (with Chloe Agnew) and a performance of "What a Wonderful World" sung by Chloe Agnew.

Highlights of the "Best Bits" from BBC Children In Need 2016- showcasing Eamonn McCrystal and Chloe Agnew's performances from the Titanic Museum in Belfast (also contains skit by Eddie Redmayne)


See an extended version of Eamonn's inteview from BBC One's "Songs of Praise" here:


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Eamonn McCrystal's THE MUSIC OF NORTHERN IRELAND has won for 4 EMMY® awards including Best Arts/Entertainment Special! 

The Michigan chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences held the 37th Annual Emmy® Awards on June 13th 2015 in Detroit, MI.  

The TV special "The Music of Northern Ireland with Eamonn McCrystal" won 4 awards in the following categories:

- Overall Arts/Entertainment (Producers: Elizabeth Travis/Eamonn McCrystal)
- Director-Live or Recorded Live (John FD Northover)
- Musical Arrangements (Nigel Wright)
- On-Camera Talent/Performer (Eamonn McCrystal)

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